Tina Dutta’s father was angry when he heard Sumbul’s father’s words and said, ‘Insult other people’s daughters for your own daughter.

Now, while Tina’s father is supporting his daughter, he’s taking a jibe at Chumbul’s father. Tina’s father said, ‘If my father went, we should have gone.

The ongoing feud between Shalin Bhanot, Tina Dutta and Sumbul Taukir Khan on Bigg Boss 16 has not taken its name to stop. On Friday’s Weekend Ka War, Sumbul’s father appeared on the show and guided girls on one side, while Sheleen and Tina Dutt were intensely classed in front of Salman Khan.

At this time, he not only scolds Shalin for making Sumbul’s darshan, but also accuses Tina of tarnishing Chumbul’s image. Meanwhile, many viewers supported Sumbul’s father while many spoke out against him. After all this, Tina Dutta’s father’s reaction has come to the fore.

Let me tell you that Sumbul’s father was called in the show to guide the actress, while nothing like this happened inside the show earlier today. Now Tina’s father is taking a jibe at Chumbul’s father for supporting his daughter. Tina’s father said, ‘If my father went, we should have gone. Everyone is equal in reality shows. Work, age, age doesn’t matter. He is young in age, carrying little meaning that his father is going to guide. All competitors are equal there.

“Tina gave the right advice on her part at all times to ensure Sumbul didn’t get hurt,” he continued. Tina asked to clear all this in advance just thinking about Chumbul all the time. I would also tell Chumbul’s father that one should not insult another’s daughter in order to raise his daughter.

From the telecast of the program here last night till now, the viewers have been fiercely targeting the makers of the show. People say that the makers have openly supported the actress by calling Sumbul’s father there. Everything is equal within the game and it is not just Shalyn-Tina’s fault, Chumble could have taken his stand.

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