Sydney Sweeney Defends her mom’s birthday Photos and videos.

Sydney Sweeney tweeted in defense of her family photo after an Instagram post celebrating her mother’s 60th birthday sparked some backlash on social media.

Sydney Sweeney

A photo from the Instagram post that went viral on Saturday shows Sweeney cutting a cake with her mother, grandmother, and a man wearing a Blue Live Matter shirt. “There is no better way to celebrate MoMA than with a surprise hoedown,” Sweeney captioned the post.

Photos posted by Sydney Sweeney’s brother Trent also show party attendees wearing MAGA parody hats with the words “Make Sixty Great Again”. After pushback on Instagram and Twitter in response to the photos, Sweeney tweeted, “You wild this.

An innocent celebration for a 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop guessing. Much love and happy birthday Mom!” And that’s our cue to log off!

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