Saturday Night Live season 48 premiere recap

The English poet Humbert Wolff once wrote: “The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves. We have passed our summer evening; now on the day of October.” October 1, autumn has arrived – and for us, that means the return of our beloved Saturday Night Live. Welcome to season 48 of my favorite Coneheads. SNL during the review.

Saturday Night Live

This summer was once again a huge success for our friends at 30 Rockefeller Center, with several waves of players since 1995 creating the largest player turnover. Goodbye and goodbye to Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney, Alex Moffett, Melissa Villasenor, Aristotle Athary and Chris Redd (!!!). Welcome to Marcelo Hernandez, Molly Kearney, Michael Longfellow, and Devon Walker included. Together with the holdover cast, he is about to forge a new path for our beloved live late-night sketch series.

I recently spoke with Kevin Nealon, whose book I Exaggerate: My Brushes with Fame is due out later this month. Nylon — a character in nine seasons of SNL — compares the experience of starting a new season to going to college. He told me, “It’s pretty much the same college year — it started like September, at the end of October. I’m going to New York because I came from California in the summer to get home. I kept an apartment in New York.”, ONE.” “I went there and it was exciting. It was autumn and the leaves were changing, getting a little chilly. I’d open my closet and it was all flannel shirts. Winter jackets .”

I asked him how he hopes this year’s cast can prepare for the new season: “Hopefully you’ll come in with a couple of pocket sketches that you’ve thought of and maybe written, but it’s unlikely. It’s kind of nice to have.” it.” ” You start writing with someone and hope you come up with something. You come full force because it’s the beginning of the season. Not when you’re tired of doing three shows in a row.” Tonight’s host is Miles Teller who — best of all — was probably the third or fourth most interesting person on Top Gun: Maverick this summer. (I understand no Tom Cruise gets it, But Glenn Powell was the booziest It Guy, right?) And the musical guest is Kendrick Lamar — this is his third and fifth overall appearance on the show. A new season promises change – challenges as well as opportunities. Let’s see how SNL rises to the occasion!

It’s Monday Night Football with Peyton Manning (Taylor) and his brother Eli (Andrew Dismukes), or rather their telecast — I love the goofy commentary, let the Manning brothers take a look at the traditional opening sketch. They’re poking fun at all the tropes I’ve long written about here — from Bowen Young trying to start a new catchphrase, to Heidi Gardner needlessly, and shoe-kicking, portraying South Dakota Governor Christy Norm . . . . Clearly, the show wants to familiarize itself and hit reset. I enjoyed Michael Longfellow’s lackluster first appearance, and Devon Walker playing the Corn Kid. “An attempt to embarrass a reference.”

Shawn White appears in “Gratuitous Stunt Casting.” Teller’s Top Gun co-star Jon Hamm also makes an appearance. The question is: does this appeal only to tolerant critics, or does it work as a comedy in itself? Is it enough to signal that a “new era” of the show is being introduced?

“Desperate things,” Peyton replies. Teller does a great job here.

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