Interview with the Vampire

“The vampire is upset,” Louis de Pointe du Lac declares at the end of the premiere of Interview with the Vampire.

Interview with the Vampire.

But were you? Before considering AMC’s series adaptation of the 1976 Anne Rice novel, let’s recap the first episode, pondering along the way whether it left us “in the throes of growing wonder,” as its title suggests.

Meanwhile, Lewis (Jacob Anderson) invites investigative journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian) to his luxe coffin penthouse, to answer a Q&A that went horribly wrong nearly 50 years ago. When Bloodman began to retell his story, he turned the calendar back to 1910 New Orleans, taking us with him as he went. In that era, we learned that much to his family’s embarrassment, Lewis created his own greenery in Storyville’s red-light district. Particularly reluctant was Kidd’s brother Paul (Steven Norfleet), whose birds in his head told him not to let go without any Bibles. That’s how it will be Lewis was rich but unhappy.

Interview with AMC series 1 In fact, as far as we can see, the only real solace the closed future vamp could take was the company of a prostitute named Lily, who wasn’t confused that all talk, no action. That safe harbor, of course, was soon made even more dangerous by a filthy rich Frenchman named Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid), to whom Louis was immediately and unknowingly drawn.

Alternatively completely antagonistic and telepathically attracted to Louis, the vampire begins to seduce him. Or hunt him down. They were pretty much the same as Lestat, anyway, as we all know. He finally did his thing by starting a threesome with Lily, then laying her on the floor so he could “fuck” with his crush.

Afterward, Lewis, who did not identify as gay at the time, walked away from his one-night stand. She even cheered at her sister’s wedding, falling asleep on her feet with Paul in one of her most magical moments. But Lewis didn’t so much turn the corner, he went in circles

1 A MC series that Lestat came out and told him “he’s here to take souls” — and then I’d die It sank Lewis told Daniel, “That was my last sunrise. On the night of Paul’s funeral, Louis emerged from the wake to see Lily, only to be told that she had died of Lestat’s “fever”.

Choked with guilt, Lewis began a tearful confession in St. Louis. Augustine, however, was interrupted by Lestat, who killed not one but two priests and offered an attractive alternative to self-pity.

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