Accused of kidnapping missing teacher Eliza Fletcher

Eliza Fletcher missing: Cleotha Abston charged with kidnapping in case, Memphis police say.

 Eliza Fletcher

The Memphis Police Department has arrested a man in connection with the kidnapping of missing teacher Elisa Fletcher.

Cleotha Abston, 38, was arrested and charged with kidnapping and tampering with evidence, especially after Fletcher’s mysterious disappearance on Friday, Memphis police said on Friday.

“The investigation of Elijah Fletcher is now still ongoing. Investigators continue to search and track down all the chiefs,” the police department said.

Fletcher was out on a Friday morning routine near the University of Memphis when he was “escorted and forced” in a dark SUV, police said. keep searching

later on, Saturday Memphis police said The Memphis kindergarten teacher and 34-year-old mother have not yet been found, but the car has been found.

They said they had found an interesting car. And a male passenger was taken into custody, and Eliza Fletcher was not found.

Another man was arrested on Sunday. But the arrest was not related to his kidnapping, police said.

“Mario Abston, 36, has been charged with a dangerous felony,” Memphis Police Department. stated in the statement

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