Biggboss 6 Tamil 2022| GB Muthu

GB Muthu, who is a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 6, is definitely going to win, and his online fans are hopeful.

GB Muthu

GB Muthu has gone viral on YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram. When he wasn’t working at home during the pandemic, he sang upbeat songs and posted videos on social media.

His recording received tremendous responses online daily and became a YouTube star in Tamil Nadu.

YouTube companies, including Blacksheep, are also impressing him with awards. Last year, it was reported that she would participate in Bigg Boss.

But, he wasn’t there. This is the first time Bigg Boss is entering the house as a contestant.

Fans were eagerly awaiting his arrival and are eagerly waiting to see how GB Muthu plays.

No matter how GB Muthu plays, our only aim is to defeat him.

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